House tours

The guided tour takes approximately 40 minutes and brings the history and stories of the castle and its occupants to life. It takes in the living quarters and formal rooms of the castle, as well as the Temple of Isis in the basement...more

Childrens playground 

We have built a fantastic woodland adventure playground.It can be completed as an obstacle course or else children (and some adults!) will just spend time playing at each different station. The playground features swings, slides, play huts, monkey bars, balance beams...more


The Gardens were mainly laid out in the 1680's by the Esmondes. They feature impressive formal plantings and layouts including the Italian style 'Parterre' or formal gardens, lake and the world famous yew walk. Recent additions include the Rose Garden...more

Temple of the Goddess

Deep in the basement of the castle visitors can find the Temple of the GoddessThe basement previously housed the dungeons, strongroom, old kitchen and Well but in 1976 it became the foundation centre for the Fellowship of Isis...more

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