The Temple of the Goddess


Deep in the basement of The Castle visitors can find the Temple of the Goddess which celebrates the divine feminine. The basement previously housed the dungeons, strongroom, old kitchen and Well of St. Brigid but in 1976 it became the foundation centre for the Fellowship.


The Fellowship sought to promote the female aspect of divinity and was founded by Olivia Robertson with her brother Lawrence (Derry)

and Derry's wife Bobby. Today the Temple is at

the heart of a recognised world religion with thousands of members from all over the world. 


Visitors on The Castle tour are shown the temple - as well as the sacred well of St Brigid, there is a main altar as well as dozens of other side altars reflecting different goddesses and zodiac signs.

All our visitors love experiencing the unique atmosphere of the Temple and it is a must for anyone who has yet the visit The Castle.