Family History


Huntington Castle is the ancient seat of the Esmonde family. The Esmonde's moved over to Ireland in 1192 and were involved in other castles such as Duncannon Fort and Johnstown Castle in Wexford, before building Huntington and settling down in Clonegal. The family name has changed twice due to inheritance down the female line and the present family name is Durdin Robertson, who are direct descendants of the Esmondes. 


Some notable ancestors include; Lady Esmonde (Alish O'Flaherty) - the grandaughter of Grace O'Malley the famous Pirate Queen of Connaught. Barbera St. Ledger, Edward King, Herbert Robertson MP, Nora Parsons, Manning Robertson and latterly Olivia Robertson to name a few. Their stories and many more are told on the guided tour of The Castle.


The Castle is presently lived in by three generations of the Durdin Robertson family and the current owners Alexander and Clare Durdin Robertson are very much hands on with the business and can frequently be found giving tours, working in the gardens or making tea in the tearooms.


Alexander, Clare and their boys Herbert, Esmonde and Freddie Durdin Robertson.