Artists at Huntington Castle

Huntington Castle has always attracted artists and every generation has brought a different creative energy to the castle. Olivia Robertson was a celebrated author, artist and founder of the Fellowship of Isis. 'The Temple' in the basement contains many elaborate shrines and alters decorated by Olivia, as well as numerous drawings and paintings. Olivia's nephew David was a talented sculptor and the house and temple are filled with his beautiful carvings and sculptures.

Currently working at Huntington are Davids wife Moira as well as his son Harry and daughter-in- law Clare.  

The next generation of artists are continuing to push boundaries and explore different avenues and mediums.


Born in 1977 in the UK, Educated at Central St Martin's College of Art London 1996-1997, she then went onto do a BA Hons Fine Art at University Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1997-2001.


With Clare Ormerod's work you constantly question the work you are looking at. Are they arranged objects, art for art process, nature or an internal dialogue? Yet once you have established an understanding of her vocabulary, possibilities become apparent in each work. The external and internal world mixing to create a new dimension. In truth the works are hybrids, a mixing pot of intelligence, intuition and memories. They aim to resemble nature and order shape and structure. And so each image is a constantly evolving piece within a bigger network of connections.

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Harry Durdin Robertson

Clare Ormerod

Born 1985 in Wexford, Harry was formally trained at American painter Rebecca Harp's studio in Florence, Italy 2005-2008.

Currently Harry works in Ireland with frequent trips to North America and the rest of Europe.

The artist's work is included in several private collections worldwide and he is represented by the Oriel Gallery in Dublin, Barbara Stanley Gallery in London and Pip Simmons in The Bahamas.